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Application Process

Step 1

Contact our operations consultants now to learn more and get a tailored solution.

1.1 Merchants can first estimate the cost online in real time;
1.2 Consult with DBEE operation consultants to understand the business situation and requirements, and inquire about service details;
1.3 Book a business visit with an Operations Consultant or arrange a site visit to the Cloud Warehouse (if applicable);
1.4 Establishment of the intention to cooperate, obtaining a customized plan and quotation.

Step 2

Create DBEE WMS account, register product information and connect to sales platform.

2.1 Register on the official website to create a DBEE WMS account;
2.2 Schedule an appointment with an Operations Consultant for your first tutorial on system features (10-20 minutes);
2.3 Register your product information with DBEE WMS;
2.4 Arranging API interfacing for the sales platform (if applicable).

Step 3

Delivery of goods into the warehouse, the official start of the business cloud journey

3.1 Coordinate the date of the first shipment from DBEE Cloud Warehouse;
3.2 Coordinate the date of initial warehousing, required processing time, logistics arrangement and window period arrangement;
3.3 Create an inbound report in DBEE WMS before delivering goods into the warehouse;
3.4 For the first time in the warehouse on the shelves need to each product high weight, verify the bar code, check the count, and then you can start to order the goods;
3.5 Launching the Business Cloud Journey